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Ever wanted to have the luxury of owing your own holiday home? Holidaying in Norfolk whenever you want, as many times as you want throughout the season?
Then have you thought about owning a static caravan?

Owning a static is just like having your own holiday home… whenever you feel like you need a break away, a little rest and relaxation, a little sanctuary from your everyday life, you can come over to Diglea at a moments notice and your holiday begins…

At our campsite, the main static area is located at the front of the park on the left-hand side separated from the rest of the park so even during peak busier times, you are slightly removed from the comings and goings!

Many customers choose us for a static because of how calm, peaceful and tranquil the park can be (particularly out of peak times). Another benefit is that friends and family are welcome to use your static caravan whenever they require throughout the opening season! However, we kindly ask that you don’t sublet it, and anyone using your caravan is your responsibility, so please make sure they know and adhere to park rules!

We are a very friendly, welcoming park. We have limited amenities; however, we have all that you will need… a small play area, a clubhouse with regular entertainment, and we're in a perfect position to explore all the attractions of Sandringham, Hunstanton and kings Lynn.

If you are considering owning at static at our campsite we would highly recommend coming to see the campsite for yourself. One of the things that makes us unique is that we see our customers as people. It is for this reason that we currently have a relaxed approach to old static caravans, if it is maintained and well looked after we won't ask you to leave (however we would encourage you to replace it)! However, please keep in mind that once the caravan is older than 15 years, or gets close to that age, we won't let you sell your caravan sited (you can sell it privately but then it will have to be removed from the site).

For those looking to purchase a new or used static caravan for our campsite, you can choose a caravan from either Orchard Caravans in Wells or McDonnell Caravans in King's Lynn. Additionally, we have a small selection of static caravans on our forecourt.

Bringing a static caravan to our campsite from another site is possible by agreement with the owner. However, there are additional costs to consider. Transportation between sites, siting and connection fees, and an extra fee that is essentially the equivalent of our commission.

Useful Information

How much will it cost me to own a static?

Initial fees:
• Purchasing a static caravan
• £1,260 Connection fees

Annual fees…
• £2390 > 2019 Ground fees
• Electric (pay for what you use, each caravan is billed annually)
• Gas (bottles, pay for what you use)
• Insurance
• Safety checks (i.e gas safety check)
• Drain down at the end of the season

What safety checks do I need for my static caravan?

It is mandatory to have an annual gas safety check (which you can book in the office).
You will need a working carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm.
It is recommended to have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket
It is also recommended to have an electrical test (every 3 years)

Caravan Insurance;
Additionally, as an extra service to our customers, we offer caravan insurance. Requesting a quote can be done by contacting the office. It’s a requirement that you are insured, and although you don't need to take insurance with us you will need to provide us with a copy of your insurance certificate. We would highly recommend a new for old policy. Policies may vary slightly, however a new for old policy generally means that if your caravan is damaged beyond repair you will get a brand new caravan (the equivalent of your old van). Opting for a market value policy means the actual policy premium is much less however if the caravan was damaged beyond repair you would only receive the resale value of your caravan (which is often much lower than you realise). Keep in mind that if you brought a sited van for £10,000, you are paying for the caravan itself but also the plot as well (and sometimes site fees too). Therefore, the resale value may be significantly lower. If you're not sure what your resale value is, we can get this information for you in the office, which may help make up your mind as to which insurance is best for you.

Furthermore, we have gas bottles for sale at the office. We ask static owners to always have two gas bottles so that when one runs out you can just swap to the other gas one as we can only deliver bottles during times our maintenance staff are working.

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Holiday Park Norfolk Static Caravans
Holiday Park Norfolk Static Caravans
Holiday Park Norfolk Static Caravans
Holiday Park Norfolk Static Caravans
Holiday Park Norfolk Static Caravans


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